1 día con Ken Olson: Examen y tratamiento de la Columna Torácica. Un enfoque desde la Terapia Física Manual.

Examination and Treatment of the Thoracic Spine: A Manual Physical Therapy Approach
26 Oct 2017
08:00 – 19:00
Laboratorio N° 2. Bloque E. 1er Piso. Unv. San Buenaventura

1 día con Ken Olson: Examen y tratamiento de la Columna Torácica. Un enfoque desde la Terapia Física Manual.

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This course will include description of the kinematics and functional anatomy of the thoracic spine and rib cage and the physical therapy examination, classification, and treatment of thoracic spine and rib disorders with integration of an impairment-based, evidence-informed manual physical therapy approach.

  1. Describe the functional anatomy and kinematics of the thoracic spine
  2. Identify the classification of thoracic spine disorders and describe the components of each disorder
  3. Perform a comprehensive examination of the thoracic spine
  4. Perform treatment procedures for the thoracic spine including soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization/manipulation, and specific exercise instruction
  5. Describe the evidence to support a manual physical therapy approach for treatment of thoracic spine disorders.
  6.  Describe integration of manual physical therapy interventions of the thoracic spine as an adjunct treatment for conditions involving the shoulder, cervical and lumbar spinal regions.

Kenneth A. Olson PT, DHSc, OCS, FAAOMPT

Co-owner and President, Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists, DeKalb, IL

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Part-time Faculty, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL

President, International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists

Biographical information:

Dr. Ken Olson is the president and co-owner of the physical therapy private practice Northern Rehab Physical Therapy Specialists in DeKalb, Illinois, USA and is also an adjunct assistant professor for Marquette University and adjunct faculty member for Northern Illinois University.  Ken currently serves on the AAOMPT practice committee, the APTA manipulation workgroup, and is President of the International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapists. He is author of the textbook Manual Physical Therapy of the Spine  2nd Ed. 2016 published by Elsevier and has published in peer- reviewed journals including JOSPT, JMMT, and the J of Craniomandibular Disorders on topics related to the use of manual therapy examination and treatment procedures for spine and TMJ disorders.  He is also a co-author of the APTA documents the Manipulation Education Manual and Position on Thrust Joint Manipulation Provided by Physical Therapists.

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